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UG 5th year

UG 5th year courses

Scripts & lectures

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AD | Architectural design 

| general script
AD - patterns – additional script for creativity
AD - case studies and links for project – additional script for accurateness
AD - graphic design tips – additional script for graphic expression
AD - future architecture – additional script for future visions


AD | lectures
Colour theory
Green design concept - recycling architecture

Design processes - Endemic wild flora fascinations EWFF
Macoto Murayama
Masai vs Omo tribe aesthetics
North Africa architecture

Movie interactive lecture - The Architect and the Painter, Charles & Ray Eames

AD | Student’s winning works SWW


SWW part II – transformation real/virtual environment
SWW part III – rescaling / implementing the architecture programs
SWW part IV – ‘archiland’ 3Dmax movies
SWW part V – materialisation of the detail

IDI | interior design intervention


| general script

NCD | Student’s winning works SWW


SWW part 0 – For inspiration only
SWW part I – urban analyses and strategies 1:1000
SWW part II – architectural analyses and strategies 1:500
SWW part III – design proposal
SWW part IV – model research movies
Student’s self-critique of I. semester work to improve in II. Semester

NCD | New coordinated design 


| general script
NCD - For inspiration only – additional script for check ignition
NCD - Introduction & viewing locations & choosing themes - additional script for 
    organization and mobility
NCD - Grid – additional script

NCD | lectures
Rethinking Atrium infodomus - Atrium house
Case study houses
Architectural Detail
Examples of analyses graphic - appropriateness & excellence
African botanic gardens
Grid I
Grid II
Dammuso vs Hidmo
Hilton in Addis  - architecture
Modern architectural interventions
Moscow metro
Office design

About pattern
Pierre Chareau_Maison de Verre
Soft architecture
Water fountains
India's Forgotten Stepwells
Water tower design

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