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Dominika Batista is principal architect of Studio db ai, Ljubljana, Slovenia. After graduating from Plečnik’s Faculty 
of Architecture (FA), Ljubljana, she becomes a Researcher and Teaching Assistant there. In 2001, she successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis entitled 'Alternative Approaches to Architectural Design and Projecting'. In 1999, she established architectural company Studio db ai. On the one hand, D. Batista is a researcher in the field of contemporary architecture and new information technology, who is engaged in the manipulation of architectural design within digital technology. On the other hand, she is the projecting architect deeply involved in the construction of material architecture structures. Her work comprises of architectural projects and articles, workshops and lectures. She co-operates with Architects' Society of Ljubljana (DAL), Plečnik’s Faculty of Architecture, the Institute of Metal Constructions (IMK), the platform OpenHouseWordwide, an international architectural conference with one of the longest traditions in the world Piran Days of Architecture, at a PechaKucha events, etc. She is the member of The Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia (ZAPS). 
Recently she is collaborating as Associate Professor at SAUP, EiT-M, Ethiopia.
As a proactive citizen of planet Earth she cofounded, together with Damijan Jermančič MDes the 
NO WE WON’T movement and joined the global initiative to fight climate emergency and establish sustainable Slovenian nationwide program for renovation/reuse/recycle of 466344 houses from socialistic era.


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Areas of Expertise
Architectural Design (Research methods, Science of Design, Visualisation, Parametric Methods, 
Digital simulation, Virtual architecture, Digital design and Fabrication)
Architecture Theory and Criticism
Architecture Practice (Active Residential, Commercial, and Institutional Building Design Practice)
Architectural renovation and Reuse, Appropriate Architecture and technology, Biomimetic architecture, Adaptive Urban Design, Sustainability, Materials and self-intelligence, Structural systems and gravity

"Intention to preserve originality, that means to preserve the ability to think independently and creatively."

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Prof Dominika Batista PhD MSc
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