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SD I DM I | Science of Design I Design Methodology I _ part IV student winning works 

SD I DM I part IV _

grid | pattern |spatial structural applications  SWW


practice main project

Selected final works of SD I DM I part IV - grid pattern | spatial structural applications by Dominika Batista PhD, Associate Professor. Use of micro location of selected settlement or village from GIS context project.

Practical application of Grid I method and pattern theories.

Bet-el Workeye Grid Built area small
Bet-el Workeye Grid Open space small
Getesemani GRID FULL SPACE small
Getesemani GRID empty SPACE. small
Kibrom G_ grid_empty space small
Kibrom G_grid_full space small
Kiflom Built spaces
Kiflom Grid Web small
Mulugeta Fi_grid built small
Mulugeta Fi_grid open space small
Musse D.Grid built small
Musse D.Grid open small
Tewodros (Grid)_empty small
Tewodros (Grid)_full small
Yohannes Solomon_Grid small


Science of Design I

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