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  • Dominika Batista PhD

When architecture meets commerce: The Abrha castle & park

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Sustainable proposal for appropriate typology of renovation of Abrha castle & park into a contemporary eco touristic facility.

I can not emphasize enough the importance of the proper approach of this project. It is part of The ‘green net’ in combination with ‘heritage net’ of Mekelle. Theoretical explanation is in Big book 77.

Unfortunate proposal already exposed to public in SUR office, will destroy the second of Three important pillars of Mekelle heritage triangle.

One of the three pillars of Mekelle heritage triangle Atse Yohannes palace renewal and accompanying new building are sadly of wrong typology.

In theory of architecture palaces and castles are just another building in the city if they not appear inside of lavish and vast parks.

Atse Yohannes park was demolished by construction of blocks - condominium typology which took away glory and identity of this heritage site.

We made a great project with appropriate typology for Atse Yohannes diplomatic domiciliary in accordance to city regulations. All newly built diplomatic facilities are designed in a way that they emphasise position of palace and are hidden inside of green park landscape. One tree or shrub must not fall.

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