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77 Duo harmony event


Dominika Batista PhD &
fifth year students:
Hidmo sketches


The exhibition was triggered by many excursion visits of Gheralta valley and territories in the vicinity by D. Batista, PhD. She included indigenous and original traditional village architecture in process of explorations, studies, interactive lecturing and presentations in her courses of

New Integrated Design and Appropriate Building Technology - Appropriate Architecture. From these interactions 'Hidmo sketch' exhibition was born.

Also there was done another comparison research on Africa - Europe Appropriate Architecture. Students were encouraged to find out specifics of DAMMUSOS COMPOUNDS of Pantelleria, similarities & crucial differences from HIDMO COMPOUNDS.

Project from Pantelleria dammuso and Gheralta hidmo compounds explored through plans, sections, elevation, detail and photos, brought interesting research discoveries.

These two phenomenon of Appropriate Architecture have a lot in common but one crucial difference.

Dominika Batista PhD &
fourth year students:
Timeless shelter 777


Geographical information system GIS _ Maps _ natural environments.
Mandatory sub themes of projects: Sun & Architecture, Water & architecture, Wind & architecture, Sanitary & Restrooms & Architecture, Green & Architecture, Inside & outside, 

In-between spaces.
Strategic arch-tech for Ethiopia: Stone landscapes - accent on learning from existing quality; Rivers, flood spaces, rainy forest - accent on learning from existing failures; 
Desert extreme - accent on protecting environment; Food spaces - accent on increasing potential of local originality;
National parks & natural monuments - accent on learning of importance to preserve originality in country; Vital country landscape attractors - accent on introducing new programs in special environment – capital, towns, villages, national parks.
Timeless shelters 777 - smart sustainable eco structures
max 200m2 for 7 specific people 7 specific animals 7 specific plants, with the inventive programs which contributes to balanced progress to autochthonous environment to which they belong.
Timeless shelters 777 are sustainable examples
how to architecturally intervene with future advanced-care spacial development of different landscapes throughout Ethiopia.

The methods, principles of designs can be used and are applicable for any country or landscape on the world.

invitation_exhibition timeless shelter 7
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